The holidays are approaching so don't be surprised when it's December 20th and you have no idea what to get! Well, luckily for you, I've done tons of research and all you have to do is browse this blog and decide what palette or set goes to which person on your holiday list! I'm a visual learner, so I took a truck load of pictures for you guys to see how cute everything is!

This is a new Harajuku Lovers Wallet, exclusive to Sephora! It's so cute. There's room for your cards and your cash of course!

This little set is The Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Set for $100. I like this because if you really wanted to you could split it up for four people, or three, and you could keep one for yourself ~_^. Also, these are the Limited Edition Fragrances, they're slightly different from the original ones.

What got my attention from this palette was the packaging. It's beautiful, exotic looking, intricate, very detailed but simple all at the same time. This is for the friend who loves creative things! This is the Hands of Hope Palette from Cargo. The best part of this palette is that it costs only $29. That is an AMAZING price point for 9 full size shadows.
Also from Cargo, we have the Runway Palette. I ♥ ♥ ♥ the way the eyeshadows and blushes come. This palette was inspired of course by the runways of Fashion Week for Fall 09. If you look closely at the picture (and I think you can click on it to make it larger) you'll see that the buttons are eyeshadows, the blushes and bronzer look like a cable-knit sweater pattern. I'm sure you'll all have a friend that will appreciate the clothes-inspired makeup! It retails at $49.
This here is the Kat Von D fragrance ring. It is HUGE. When I put it on, I was like "Hot damn! This is Heavy!" You just swivel it open and you get the solid perfume inside to rub on your pulse points at any given time of the day. This one costs $30.
When I saw this set, I was pretty surprised. Clean is a big deal at my job and if you haven't caught a whiff of it yet, I suggest you spray it ASAP so you can see what all the fuss is about. Each fragrance is scented after something you might think is pretty mundane, for example, the way you smell after you take a shower, we all know it's ...clean, haha. Anywho, you'll probably end up sniffing yourself many times during the day because you smell so fresh and clean. What surprised me about this set is that you get four 1 ounce bottles of fragrance for 65 bucks ONLY. That's ridiculous to me! It's kind of like paying for only one of the bottles and getting three free. I'm putting that one on my list!
Okay my honeys, that's all for today! Happy Holiday Shopping! ^_^

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