A lot Of times Composition Inc Gets Acknowledgement
From various blogs and websites
so i would like to acknowledge one of my favorite Fashion Websites,
It always Puts a Smile on My Face to See Other Young Women like Myself
making their mark in the world.
So I Get the Chance to Do this Often But I Interviewed
Sandrine Charles From LDVAG,
Scroll Below...
I enjoyed every detailed response to my very to the point questions,
Sometime i like to ask a few random beauty questions, Please dont mind me =).
Thank you Guys So Much There Will be Links Posted Below For You To Check out there Site
We look forward to having the ladies on an up coming Episode of Lipstick Language
We Are 3 Episodes Away From Episode 10!! =)

Chow For Now Dolls!
Downtown Pepper

Sandrine Charles of Ldvag.....

Brief description of yourself
I am a young, opinionated, ambitious lady with goals, aspirations, and all about making strides in various lanes.
What role do feel you, play in fashion?
With fashion, I believe I play the role of " rolling with the punches". I tend to gravitate to what I love to wear inspired from new designers and my peers and form mix and match outfits from there. I would not call myself a fashion expert but I am a dress obsessed kind of girl. If its a dress, I own it. No matter the occasion. I don't even think I own more than like three pairs of jeans.

at what age did you feel like you, fashion became your niche?
Oh boy! I was a teen. I love clothes. At first it was a love for all things commercial and designer. That soon changed to chic, comfort, and class through upcoming designers, regular labels, and throwing everything together.

where did you come with the name for your website?
My partner Taj and I composed the name after much deliberation of where we stand as progressive females. La Dolce Vita Avant Garde came from the progression (avant garde) in aspiring the sweet life (la dolce vita) and the four categories in which we believe they are comprised of.


where do you see yourself/ website in the next 5 years?
In the next five years, I believe I will surpass my expectations as a publicist and the website that we work so hard for will develop into a fully functioning company with many divisions and outlets for our creativity...possibly a staff as well.

what makes your site different from others?
We aren't a blog. We came out with a BAM!, like look at us and respect us for our craft. In our minds, the category boxes and the locations, music, art, and fashion we chose were not the norm. Like really, mainstream isn't talking about the Noisettes yet, but in due time they will. LDVAG is all about discovering the underdog in the respective categories, breaking their talent or venue then watching them blossom. We like to focus on those types rather than the usual celebrity site.
favorite place to shop?
Simple: LF Store (their sales are to die for and you can find so many different items). It's great when people ask where you got something and you know it isn't so easy to find, especially after a massive sale but I guess that secret is out of the bag.
must have for fall?
Knee high boots or heels, Ankle boots, Doc Martens, Spandex ( they will never die with me), neutral colored sweaters, leather jacket, and a daily satchel.

i have to ask a beauty question
whats your favorite beauty product?
I live for Sue Devitt. Her products are amazing and I will stay loyal to her forever.
beauty or skincare?
I need both in my life...do I have to choose? I live off Ambi which is my beauty and skincare weapon. It keeps my face clear ( which is great for off days) and helps me maintain a healthy glow when I have make-up on.
whats your favorite lipstick color
I am really feeling this Red and Violet shade from Cover Girl. It is magnificent and last all night long--sometimes too long!
what color nail polish are you wearing this very moment
whats in your make-up bag?
Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara, Sue Devitt Lip Gloss, Sue Devitt Bronzing Eye Trio, MAC foundation, MAC blush, Blistex Lip Medex, and Cover Girl lipstick in Cherry Bomb.

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