I am always on the go!
and i don't always have time to wash my hair right away!
washing your hair to much drys your hair out!
Dry shampoo is a great alternative between washes
Tresemme' my absolute favorite & it is very economical & Works very well

its a great tool when your hair feels a little oily
and you want to straighten or style your hair
There are different types..
my favorites are the pictures of the ones Ive demonstrated in the post
Oscar Blandi Spray Tinted (one of my favorite)

Apply a little to the scalp and massage in and comb through hair
This is not good used directly on the hair shaft.
i take a tiny bit in the palm of my hand and apply it on the tips.

This is not going to clarify hair this is a tool used to absorb oil

Darker hair girls if you are using this prior to going to a night club or a plan on taking pictures
use a tinted one or don't use it at all!
No one wants to see big dry shampoo residue under black lights.
it isn't pretty :(

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