What's Your Favorite Brand of Sneakers?...

Although I don't wear sneakers too often, I always feel that its a must to have at least 1 or 2 pairs of fresh clean sneakers. One that's universal and one that just really stands out.

I usually wear my sneakers on very relaxed days, like when I'm running errands, going to school, or maybe just hanging out with friends like at the movies.

One of my favorite style and brand of sneakers are Nike Air Maxs. I have plenty of favorites but these would gave to be my second fav. :)

I like them because they are comfortable yet really simply and stylish. I love how they come in so many ranges of colors and I don't think they could ever get old.

Here are a few photos of some really hot ones I like!! =)

What's your Favorite Brand of Sneakers?

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Hope You Enjoy!!

Joslyn ♥♡

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