Headed to sabon. I find that these days have been extremely hectic for me so I really appreciate the down moments alone where I can get things done that I want to do alone. And clear my mind. Handle
My scheduling and booking in piece.

I went to sabon in chelsea. I use to go to the soho location. But my favorite sales person got promoted and transferred to a different location which I love because the store is really home like. I appreciate good service so I followed elizabeth. If your looking to try some sabon products go to that location and let her know I sent you she will take really good care of you :)

When I walked In i did a hand wash I started with rinsing my hands first. Then rinsing with a milk

Milk for hands body and bath

I did a creamy scrub it was really grainy which I liked because it got alot of dead skin off

after we did a apple body scrub on my hands.

Then I did a oil which completed the process it was amazing my hands are still soft :)

On my radar this is a very thick butter which can be used on lips body and hands it comes in lavendar kiwi mango patchouli, and vanilla.

I picked up a coconut oil for my oil burner

A vanilla a patchouli hand cream

I grabbed there item of the week which is a organ Shea butter cream there item of the week is normally 50% so it was mark 17 from 35.00 bucks originally it is amazing rich and creamy perfect for dry skin and stretch marks. This is a perfect suggestion from women who are pregnant because it is organic

I got a ginger and orange medium square candle for focus and a baby coconut candle :)

I was very pleased with my purchase thanks elizabeth

Downtown Pepper
"Every Girl Deserves to Glisten & Shine"...

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