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So for a little while now I've been hearing about this new awesome way to get your nails done. I've had my share of wearing acrylics but every now and then I get this everything "natural" kick... One reason why I have always worn acrylic nails is because I can never get my nails to grow really long or to be strong. But with this new method all those worries are out the door!

Shellac is basically a gel nail polish that is put on your own nails, which helps them to be healthy, strong, and grow longer. Another great thing is that the polish doesn't chip! 

Shellac Nails should last for about 3 weeks without chipping. This is a great way for those of you who like to keep your nails natural and healthy.

So far I've had my Shellac nails for about 3 days and they still look awesome!! I got mines done for $20, but some can range up to $50 depending where you go.

Check Out this YouTube review by Ryannd86 on Shellac Nails!


Hope you Enjoy and Check it out at your local nail salon :)


For more information: www.cnd.com

Video Source: www.YouTube.com/ryannd86

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  1. Ive been hearing about this too, Ive also been rattling my brain wondering if I should go back to acrylics myself but I had how weak my nails are once I soak them off. $20 bucks is a great price! where did you go??

    Editor & Chic