After work trip to Sabon today (7th between 15 & 16th st) to pickup my essentials from the
My favorite Person in the store Moved to another store again :(
But i had a chance to meet Jane who was very helpful
& she made me feel very comfortable and happy with my purchase.

Normally when i go i pick up my linen spray,cream for body, essential oil
and candles.

My Candles are still good from my last visit, its been 2 months
so i they last a long time.
I was excited because Ive been trying to get my hands on, the
ginger oil for my oil burner which is always sold out.!
ginger is good for
warming, strengthening, anchoring,focus,

I grabbed a body butter which is good
because they last a long time and its good to keep your skin soft all year long.
its great for elbows knees and really dry area
and works great on cuticles and feet.

& for signing up by email
by email i got to take home a shower oil which great for hydrating the skin as well

i left happy. great sunday shopping and to end my work day

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