I've learned the most important things about myself and developed the most growth through travel.

You get alot of insight on other people's lifestyle weather they have less or more it's motivation.

I try not to limit myself from what my eyes should see even if I'm just traveling a few hours away it's better than then the congested Brooklyn air.

I truly believe Each place you travel you take a piece of that place back home.

It's also good to travel somewhere alone, theres so many different types of experiences with travel. You have travel with family which allows bonding. You have travel with a partner which enhances romance. Travel with friends which is adventure & travel alone which is growth and learning more of what you like alone. Learning what you like alone is essential because you don't have others around to influence you. You then really find what makes you happy on your own.

Downtown Pepper
"Every Girl Deserves to Glisten & Shine"...

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