I like these more then i thought.
i like things that are minimal steps.
No worries! this is quick and easy!
& the best part is that they last 3 days with out fall out.

Best tip to remove it is a gel cleanser or anything oil based.
This is a great gift for anyone you know into make-up its just nice to have in a kit,
i hate to say it but holiday is just around this is a great suggestion

Urban Decay Starlight Glitter Body Art Collection is the ultimate body art kit!

Featuring five vibrant coloured,
loose glitters and five stencil designs,
this will let your creativity run wild!
Perfect for nights out, up the glam factor with vivid, jewel toned and sparkling body art in bird, skull, snake and star designs.Also included are a special adhesive and a custom fan brush: simply apply the glue in your chosen design, sprinkle glitter over the glue and brush away any excess with the brush!

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  1. I lovee it!! &i really like your lil blog(: im a urban decay makeup artist & believe me wen I tell u,ur a total urbanette.

  2. i actually work for urban decay myself, here in Nyc which area do you work for we've probably meet.