Our kit is supercharged with 6 mini bottles of the season’s must-have shades and includes 5 new hues (along with returning-favorite Gunmetal). You get it all here: plush brown and gunmetal gray, ripe purple and shimmery fuchsia and rock star-worthy hits of emerald green and gold-toned sparkle. The big seeker of fashion in your life will love this, and they’ll tell you that each bottle is the perfect size. (Because let’s face it – if the bottles were any bigger, said fashion slave would be onto the next hot colors before they ever finished using these.)

Barlust – whiskey brown w/brown shimmer
Ziggy – gold and multi-colored glitter
Mars – emerald green w/ green and silver micro-glitter
Gunmetal – shimmery dark grey
Hot Mess – bright fuchsia w/ fuchsia micro-glitter
Wrecked – deep red wine

Holiday Nail Kit will retail for $28 USD and is available at select Macy’s. Or online at urbandecay.com.

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