During a video shoot for Teyana Taylors Make Your Move Video. 
I stumbled across this amazing hair goddess Named Steph.
We worked side by side she was head hairstyle and i was head make-up artist.

Stephanie has come to share a few tips and tricks with us before we kill our due to this intense heat this summer enjoy ladies 

Thanks to Stephanie the hair Queen !!!!
Steph The hair Queen
@Stefdahairqueen- twitter
StephDa Hairqueen- FB/Instagram

So its summer, the hardest season for hair. Well, here are a few tips on how to manage through the summer months.

1.      SHAMPOO! Never go longer than 2 weeks without shampooing your hair.Consult with a stylist on which products work best for your hair.Clarifying shampoos are great for summer. After going to the beach or pool, clarifying helps clean the hair of sea salt water/chlorine.

2.CONDITIONER! Make sure you are applying the conditioner correctly.
Conditioner is made to nourish/restore moisture to the hair. Always comb through all the way to the ends. Once a month deep condition your hair.

3.      TRIM! TRIM! TRIM!!!!!!!!!!! Ends should be trimmed EVERY 6 WEEKS!
Do not be afraid to cut those split ends. Split ends can cause a lot of harm. Split ends will travel up the hair strand causing more damage therefore resulting into a HAIRCUT!

4.      AVOID HEAT! If you plan on leaving your hair out during the summer
Months, learn how to manage. Meaning, instead of curling every day,pin curl or use rollers/flexi rods. Try getting styles that don’t require a lot of heat.

5.      AVOID PRODUCT OVERKILL! Don’t weigh your hair down with a lot of
Products. Its summer let your hair flow. Try using lightweight oils such as Moroccan Oil. Two pumps (or dime size) are all you need to saturate throughout your hair. Apply while hair is wet, pre-dry under hair dryer, then blowout straight (less direct heat this way andadds a nice shine).

6.      TRY EXTENSIONS! They are easier to manage, can use as much heat as
You like without damaging your own.  Invest in Virgin non-processed hair, this hair can last 6 months to a year.

7.      PROTECT! Always use silk scarves to cover/protect while you sleep.

8.      PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS: Silicon Mix, Therma Smooth by Mizani,
Moroccan Oil, L’Oreal Sulfate Free (good for extensions), KeraCareDetangling  Shampoo, and KeraCare Oil 

Sheen.Hope these tips are helpful! 

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