The Vice Palette!!

Still in amazement 25 new shades in this sleek black packaging. 
Press a button watch your palette open up like hydraulics 
& Go!!!!

Due to launch late Sept early October 
but if you are in the NYC Sept 14, 2012 
for one day only be of the first people to pick up your VICE

Event Details 

Double ended brush :)

What impresses me most about the palette is that 
it's all eyeshadow!!
I prefer a palette with just shadow and i pick up my little additions on my own.

This palette caters to the make-up artist and urban junkie. 

Color List 

  • Desperation- Matte satin grey taupe brown
  • Muse Dark brownish/golden multi shimmer
  • Jagged Matte black base gold metallic 
  • Blitz bright gold metallic 
  • Penny lane bronze metallic w gold glitter
  • Junkie dark green-blue/ with gold shimmer 
  • Chaos Vibrant royal blue subtle shimmer 
  • Unhinged Electric turquoise blue 
  • Occupy dark grey metallic 
  • Black market dark charcoal black satin 
  • Provocateur light pink with lots of glitter 
  • Rapture dark greyish purple multi shimmer 
  • Vice dark eggplant with subtle red shimmer 
  • Noise dark pink metallic big gold glitter
  • Amor Greyish brown metallic 
  • Nevermind Light taupe-brown shimmer 
  • Echo beach light wheat champagne 
  • Anonymous light whitish pink
  • Freebird light peachy pink 
  • Laced pinky taupe 

Pepper's Favorite Colors:
Black Market 
Echo Beach 

I will post a few links for from the palette shortly it is a must have!!!! 

Enjoy Pepper :) 

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  1. Hi LOVE this post, any clue on price?? I need this in my life!!

  2. Wow! This is so hot! Thanks for making this blog post! I cannot wait to get my hands on this palette!