On August 9th 2013 We can expect to see a beautiful collection from my favorite Marc Jacob 
This is highly anticipated. An amazing clothing line and fragrance and shoe line, Marc Jacob always amazes us Marc never drops the ball. Marc Jacob is quite the trendsetter and with his expertise in fashion he will keep up us up to date with the trends per season. 

More Info:
Part of the reason why the Sephora team is so confident in the success of Jacobs' line is the designer's commitment to being completely hands-on in whatever he creates. Says Jacobs: “We spent a lot of time developing materials and choosing the colors....the color palette tells a story and that story is based on a spirit. I chose different types of characters, such as an ingénue.” The line includes bright colors and luxe finishes that the designer himself hand-picked — even the eyeliners and mascaras (referred to as the "Blacquer") were inspired by a black lacquered table in the designer's home. 

Never one to shy away from the bold, Jacobs claims that the only product you won't find in his line is a nude palettte. Says the designer: “I don’t like natural, that’s a little lazy. But I think there is just a kind of honesty and an ease and an irreverence with this.” 
(source Refinery 29)

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