This has been such a struggle getting my hair purple.

I'm pretty back and forth with my hair which I weave, do clip ins or leave hair out at the top. I do most versatile hair style. I love my hair length. I hate the time it takes to it on my own with my work schedule.

This weaving process has been super stressful to my hair because it's natural this summer.

So I decided to do a closure for the first time.

I was soooooo nervous. I see them on people and they look great. However I am extremely picky on how my looks.

My natural hair is way to much maintenance and the humidity drys my hair out in the summer.

Dry hair and hot hair tools are such a bad mixture.

So I went for a break. I think it's more so on how it's applied

So if this is something you are contemplating. Research the stylist.

Ask for photos it's okay.! As the client you have to feel comfortable with what your paying for.

Take a moment to protect your hair ladies

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