I remember back when i decided to make a blog.
People called me crazy & didnt believe in what i had going on.
i am one of those people who cares less about support from their peers.
Alot of People wont support what your doing because they dont have the drive to do it.
i am happy that stuck I to my plans.
now i get to write this blog.
now i am happy.
Soon i will be celebrating the 2 year anniversary of my website
and the relaunch of my website.
i really appreciate each and everyone of you who blog walks
my blog would be nothing without you.
Most importantly i appreciate anyone who has contributed
to this blog you are more than appreciated.
thank you,
i would love to thank Elba My Blog Partner in crime
you are amazing,i love your beauty insight
thank you for being a big part of this blog your the biggest beauty junkie i know lol
thank you to my past intern Shani. & my Current Intern Joslyn
who brings you beauty Scopes Each week :)

-Downtown Pepper

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  1. Congratulation On Your Success BaBy girl and Dnt ever let anyone tell u that u cnt do.. People fear what they dnt noe or understand... Luv LaQuita

  2. Congrats on your success Pep! I think that your beauty blog is tre insightful and your blog was one of the reasons I decided to make my very own blog. It hasn't gotten far yet, but I'm still going. It would be nice if you could check it out:


    Once again, congrats!

  3. congrats pep! brooklyn posh definitely reached that milestone last year and it felt better. I wish you guys all the best!

    BTW I'm having a party for Brooklyn Posh if you want to celebrate Comp Inc as well, let me know!