Eujenya is one of my personal muse who I have the pleasure of interacting with on a day to day basis. Eujenya has such a bright spirit and is very free.  I shot with her on several occasion which is why her face may look a little familiar. Check out her interview below!  

Where you are from
I'm a eccentric Dominican from The Bronx.

What is your definition of beauty
That's a good question, I would have to say your own comfortability within self. To expect yourself with flaws and all, that is true beauty.

Who is your muse
I would say life is my muse, I'm so captured by everyday life and what is has to offer. Which definitely plays a major part in the inspiration behind my work, whether it's dance, art, fashion or writing.

Favorite music
I don't have a favorite type music, my ears are universal.

If you could only leave your house with 3 beauty products what would it be
That's easy boom I would say
1. My Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette
2. Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss
3. The colossal volume express mascara by Maybelline

Favorite polish color
OPI "I Have a Herring Problem"

Favorite fragrance
"Heaven Incanto" by Salvatore Ferragamo

What's your biggest beauty mistake
Aww man seriously, ok sometimes I get lazy and I don't maintain my eyebrows. Lol

Beauty pet peeves you see currently
Oh my of course it has to be cover filling of the eyebrows. Ladies practice and less it more.

What's your favorite facial feature
Hmm I don't necessarily have one but I would say my lips. I love my "soup cooler" lol.

Sneakers or heels
As much as I love to bust a move on the dance floor I have to say heels.

Biggest misconception about you
I would say people underestimate my strength because I am a woman who is pretty and soft so it's not expect of me to be tough and tomboyish but I actually can be one of the guys just as easily as one of the girls.

What's in your make-up bag
My top three make up items and a whole lot of lipsticks.

Favorite beauty product
 Since I'm always on the go definitely My Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette. Wouldn't leave home without it.

Favorite skin care product
Hmm my favorite beauty product has to me St. Ives apricot scrub.

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