definitely one of my favorite brands.. I love the brand because its like no other.. My favorite item i must say would be the Love Joy Blush & the Dolce Vita Lipstick.. My personally view on this brand is its directed towards the more Fashion savvy women. who fashion may play amazing roll in her life and so does her makeup. I like the brand because they aren't afraid with there daring names for there products. Yet nars can be so so Sophisticated at the same time. There simple but sexy makeup packaging, Is Catching. Skin Care Plays a big role in this brand and skin plays a big role in my life so what more can you ask for :)
My Top 5 Nars Items
1. Cruela Lipstick Pencil
2.Turkish Delight Lip gloss
3.Orgasm blush
4. Orgasm Nail/Pussy Galore Nail Polish
5.Albatross Highlight :)
All Can Be Found On
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