Speaking of one of my favorite brands. made for the professionals by the professionals. this brand was established in 1984, So this company has had its spot in the makeup industry and as the looks of it isnt going anywhere. They are fit to cater to the needs of the artist, and the people who do the dirty. The HD Foundation i have to say by far is my favorite foundation. light weight not heavy it looks like skin on top of skin is oil free and it allows you to keep your makeup a secret WHO DOES NT WANT THAT!!! LOL :).The best part about this foundation is the have almost 60 meeting every undertone that exists almost WOW!!..Every item that has been created by this brand has the ability to be used for multiple purpose Eyes lips & Cheeks (hint ) Flash Colors..MUE i had to shine a little light to one of the brands that i am truly obsessed with

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