Hey Pep,
My name is Mimi and i live in Seattle WA. We're known for being the rainy city and what not (just in case any info you give me would have to do with my where about) I'm also Eritrean (East Africa). Uh.. I don't know if ethnicity would have anything to do with my skin being the way it is i said it just in case.. lol.. so with that being said i had a question regarding my skin. I don't have pimples but what i do have are like tiny little bumps, i guess they're called "white heads" or whatever and its driving me crazy its along my t-zone. My skin isn't oily nor is it dry its just normal and i had been using Proactive and it was going away to where my skin was flawless but then i got a bad reaction to that product it made my face incredibly dry and it felt like my face was on fire so i stopped using that and now I'm onto the Clean and Clear Acne Kit (my boyfriend told me it works) so its been okay i haven't had a reaction to it yet but i haven't seen any improvements either. So I'm super frustrated and I'm out of options. So what do i do to get rid of these "white heads" while having such sensitive skin?
And also i wanted to know how to apply foundation and have it still look natural. I heard if the sponge is damp then it'll look a lot more natural, i tried it but it didn't really look all that natural. So i wanted to know the steps to a natural glow looking skin and what products would be the best for me and my skin tone? (Considering the things i told you and the picture.) Maybe you'd wanna make a video going through the steps starting with a clean face. Maybe i don't know... I'd LOVE it.. Haha..
You're great and even though you don't know me and i don't know you I'd like to say that I'm proud of you. (weird?) yeah maybe! And i really do hope you become crazy successful in the future.. Future being like tomorrow or something... haha..
P.S. Your videos are really fun to watch!!!

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  1. you are amazing pep :) loveee your style!