Don't Be fouled, anyone is capable of a stretch mark or 2.
In this picture of above.
This is a stomach which clearly has no visible stretch marks.
Thanks to mac face & body.
Mac Face & Body is completely waterproof.
Will not rub off on your clothes,
and can pretty much cover up anything!
When covering tattoo's you want use a color corrector first.
Then proceed to layering the foundation,
as demonstrated above.
In the picture above i used a egg sponge, Along with
Face and Body from mac!
I layered one coat first, followed up with intense patting.
After the two strong coats, two more light coats to build pigment.
the summer time is coming ladies and you can have a smooth flawless skin.
Its pretty hard to believe that model above has stretch marks that her beautiful daughter sky gave her.
For Anymore Tricks & Tips on coverage
send in your questions
ill be glad to feature your Question!

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  1. Thanks for this post I never would have thought of something like this. (not that I ever show my stomach lol) It's good to know that if I needed to there is something to cover those undesirable marks. :)