Want to know what shes wearing?
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i will be researching your favorite female celebrities
& letting you know how to achieve there look :)
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No Surprise I would start off with Rhianna but
working in the make-up world this is a frequent
i get at least 3 times a day women & young girls
approach me and ask me what lipstick they can use to achieve the lip
Rhianna had in her so hard video!

Schiap From Nars, she has been seen in this particular lipstick numerous times,
I think its best to line lips the first,
Prior to lining the lips you want to prime and exfoliate for the best result,
it looks nice matte,
i love matte lipstick, but if you are afraid of matte lipstick feel free to layer it
with Glossy Full # 4 From MUFE.

Underage Red Kat Von D
Best used with a prepped lip
red liner and no GLOSS!!!
Aqua Cream Black Mufe
u can use the liner with a angled brush
it is all waterproof u can swim with it :)

Mac Contour Powder in Shade Sincere (or any dark contouring Powder)

Use the Contour powder to highlight the jaw line really deep just like
Rihanna !!

Downtown Pepper!

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