Hey Dolls ?
How are you gals?! I hope all is well. Today's DIY is courtesy of Forever 21 , and it is a chic shredded tee.
Step 1 : Get a basic cotton tee !
Step 2 : Make a small cut along the bottom hem near the stitching. With your hands, gently rip along the hemline as wide as you want the shredding to stretch across the shirt.
Step 3 :
Gently separate the individual threads one by one with your fingers—they should unravel fairly easily. It will take an hour or two depending upon how big your shirt is and how much shredding you want to do. TIP: Try not to break the threads! Too many broken threads makes the whole "cobweb" effect fall apart.

Step 4 : & Voila , DIY complete , you have your own high fashion inspired shredded Tee & I'm pretty sure it's simply AMAZING , if you weren't successful, it doesn't hurt to try again Practice makes Perfect!

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