I think Solange is beautiful.
There is something about how artistic she is that makes me gravitate towards her.
I still have her album as top played on ipod.
I decided to post her video today. because it has always been on of my favorite videos.
i love to spotlight people when they deserve credit.
Although this video isn't new it goes on the list of my favorites.
Its really hard to make a Black & White music video seem interesting.
What i admire about her the most is,
she isn't afraid to be herself.
Beyonce is Beyonce, Solange is Solange.
She is in her own her own lane.
when comes downs to clothing and musical preference
shes not afraid to be herself.
It is very important to be yourself and not lose sight of your doing.
Focusing on others is just a distraction from your goals.
I like the make-up styles that Solange uses often.
She is not afraid to experiment.
Which makes her so eccentric.
The intense mufe lashes to the daring blue in the photo above.
I find that it's always easy to gain inspiration looking at some of her photos.

Below is My Favorite video from Solange-T.o.n.y
Dolls Attach in a comment to this post
your favorite links to pictures of some of her most daring make-up styles
i will recreate the look & give product suggestions in upcoming post.

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