You Guys know that i have a liking for Nicki,
i like when i see her in magazines and they capture a softer side of her or capture her beauty
like in her honey magazine issue
i like her make-up as well you know thats my focal area :)
but i really like her stylist Fatima B.
i think alot of the wardrobe she picks for her fits equation perfect.
i think fader magazine is pretty edgy at times
so the studded denim jacket is really a good pick!

i really like her wardrobing these days, i never disliked it but these day i think it just brings a lil more flavor to whatever shes on like the My bad chick Video Which was also styled by Fatima B
Who knows one day the make-up will be by me lol :)

Check out the video later dollfaces
Downtown Pepper!

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