hey dolls ,

today's D.I.Y is not really leaning forward the fashion side but more of the beauty side, the only thing fashionable about this is the lace( which is a HUGE trend. So , here we have it - fetch LACE NAILS.

- TOP COAT ( Sally Hansen preferably)
- Scissors
- Toothpick
- Lace


- Measure & cut the lace to each fingernail
- Polish a single layer of the top coat.
- Apply the trimmed lace on top of the wet nail polish
- Using the toothpick, firmly press the outer corners of the lace.
- Let the polish & lace dry for a few minutes
- Then finish off with two more coats.

ENJOY , & P.S. If you did this DIY send me pictures of your hot lace nails to levoguishdamsel@gmail.com , So I can put them up :)


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