I take it back to basics!
when i work i try to keep my self in a realm where i am relate-able
alot of these videos remind me of when i was building myself as a artist
weather it was painting ceramics or make-up artistry or making t-shirts in my past
these are things i can relate to in the past!!
take a stroll and view a video that i love!!!!!
i know your thing make-up blog ! how does this relate ?
but when i scroll in my mental log i gather concepts from the past
because everything that exsist now is so generic :)

i love things that tell story in these videos you may notice they all tell a story

This is & excepetional video from directing to treatment concept amazing!

i sometimes look at music as art work so i love this video!!!


inside i will feel as if i rule the world!!!

Besides the fact that i love the love the message in this video! i love the scene where its reversed & i love hair & make-up

i love the 54'11 comparison and i love that this is so realistic!!!

i love the hair & make-up in this video !!!
and i love that make-up & hair is a big staple in this video !!!

Hope you like my video picks !!!!!!! :)

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