This Self Adjusting Foundation is Amazing
This is not released but i have a sneak peak for you guys!!!
it is do to launch in 2 to 3 months but will launch on QVC first
here are a few swatches i am really impressed with this product!
I have been hands on with Josie's Products Since its Launch
and this is my FAVORITE!
this Product is definitely hydrating but it is not extremely
This is a great alternative for a women who is interested in polishing her appearance
with out weight and product that is build-able and will give her skincare benefits at the same time

Step 1 Fair-Light
One Pump on a Fair to Medium Skin tone!
Step 2: Blend!
After Adjusting to skintone!
Blends Perfectly

Step 1: Medium to Dark Skin
First Pump!

At first i thought i had a bight of trouble blending!

Blends Perfect!

i was actually shocked!
i honestly expected a weird grey hue
this is must have !
Here you are the Josie Maran Serum Foundation!

Downtown Pepper-

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