Tatiana Harvey for Composition Inc. from Tatiana Harvey on Vimeo.

It was Definitely my pleasure to have Tatiana Harvey Do this video for my website!
& Grace my blog i think she is definitely a natural beauty! read along!! if you are interested in getting the temptu this is GREAT! VIDEO TO WATCH



1). My definition of beauty is whatever makes you feel beautiful. To me having my hair and nails done makes me feel beautiful. Beauty is also something that exudes from within.

2). The only makeup mistake I've ever made was lip liner...it was too dark for my skin.

3). How long does it take me to do my makeup daily?? Hmm...judging from my video about 20 min...no maybe about 10 min the video took longer because I had to show my items and how there used. I also didn't have a mirror.

4). Hmm...I don't have a skincare routine...I use coalface from LUSH....other than that I believe a good spa every few weeks is a must.

5). I'm Jamaican...so I guess you can call that black lol...I'm a bit mixed, but who's not?

6). I started wearing makeup in 2008...I don't wear makeup daily so I'm not that good at it.

7). SEPHORA, SEPHORA, SEPHORA lol...mac sometimes

8). I would never be caught without some lipstick EVER!

9). My beauty fun fact...the women in Brazil use sand from the beach and rub it on their thighs to prevent cellulite. I got that from my book Passport to Beauty by Shalini Vadhera.


Thank You,
Tatiana Harvey

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