Va$htie is no stranger name of this blog! if you are a dedicated reader to the blog!
you guys know i love her!
its okay to admire people & be big enough to admit it!
Vashtie empowers women without the women empowerment approach
Just but leading by example!
in my eye she is extremely relate-able which drew my interest towards her.
She is stylish and Artistic and is a go getter growing up downtown!
All qualities i see in myself which makes me feel as if i can relate to her
kind of what all my readers & followers say about me.

Natural Beauty!

Humble! i had the chance to meet Vashtie, in soho she was shopping and i stumbled in to her while she was make-up shopping w/ friends. she is extremely beautiful. She is a natural beauty.
great skin & awesome brows lol! of course i would pay attention to that lol but hey thats my area of expertise :). She is definitely Approachable. i got a chance to her how i admire as artist! Girl POWER! lol

Black and Chrome Air Jordan II (2) Retro released in 2004

before i get into speaking of her new jordan releases i wore the picture above earlier!

Congrats !!!!
im going to keep this Very short & sweet! but i am extremely excited about her collaboration with jordan considering im a big sneaker fan! and i love jordans ive just been straying away!!!! for a while for a while. because there is so much option out and everything is over saturated
i like to keep it original and wear original things :)
these's sneakers are awesome to me not because she picked the most awesome feminine color combo but because she is a Women! & this is a perfect example that any women
is capable of anything.
Who would expect a women collaboration with Jordan ?
i definitely didn't but this proves that anything you want to do is possible
no matter how far fetched the idea is.
theres no such thing as is impossible!
A moment to Vashtie!
Check out her Commercial & Grab a Violetta to match those kicks and support our motivational women of this decade i am !

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