I view your humbleness before your beauty which there's tons of... What is the big misconception about you?
One of the biggest misconception about me is that I am stuck up. People see me in the street and say nothing. Then hit me up later like " I saw you. Yourre beautiful. But I didn't come to you because I didn't know how you would react. I was scared" ... Urgh ... Hate that LOL . I don't bite !

What is your definition in beauty. ?
Beauty is measured by love. Someone who loved everything and ( almost ) everyone unconditionally is the most beautiful person in the universe.
(Make-up By Pepper in Photo Above)

If you would use a quote to describe yourself what would it be.
" good girls don't make history" « Marilyn Monroe

Talk about a childhood beauty mistake.
Omg ... Beauty mistakes were so common for me when I was younger ! I think I still make some now haha. But ummm ... The worst ? Applying lip plumper. Let's just say I made agenlina jolie's lips look paper thin.

What look do you feel needs to retire?
honestly , nothing needs to retire. I enjoy the fact that there are so many different styles out there. ppl rock ish in their own corky way. That's cool.

What's in your make-up bag?
nothing . I dropped 5 stacks on the makeup bag so I can't afford the makeup to put in it. LOL I kidd. Eyeshadow , red , pink & blk lipstick , hair glue , foundation , mascara , house keys , super bold eyeliner , concealer , my hoop earrings and a quarter.

If you were a lipstick color what would you be & why?
I'd totally be white lipstick. you just don't see that everyday. Its fun , different , sassy and makes ppl look like = / . Just like me !
Where can people locate you for booking?
Want me ? Email me ! Vivalapinky@gmail.com or twitter @vivalapinky

(Make-up By Pepper in Photo Above)

My readers would love to know what it was like working with me :)
Working with you had my stomach in knots and tears in my eyes. Yourre a phenomenonal woman.

Right after applying make-up on ms. VivaLaPinky *smiles*

One of my favorite pictures!

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  1. Franceleslia is truly a beautiful soul, humble as shit, nerdy and fine as hell :). Great post.

  2. Millien is one of the dopest persons i have met so far.. Love her character, her class and her grind.. She is all the round beautiful.