I know it's been a while since you've seen a post from me on this blog. I had some serious makeup soul searching to do and blog perspectives/views I had to re-evaluate. Nonetheless, I am back and ready to dump makeup information/hauls/maybe tutorials on you! So here goes nothing! 

You might be wondering why I have so many Inglot palettes/products, well, I work there! ^_^ I know a lot about the products now! So, if you happen to be in the Times Square area, pop in and say hello to me...I'm ALWAYS there! Inglot has many good products, but it's STAR product is of course, the Freedom System. The Freedom System is basically a way for you to customize a palette of your choice. There are square palettes and round palettes. The good thing about getting yourself a round palette is that you're not limited to eye shadows, you can get lipsticks, concealers, eyebrow powder, and eyebrow gels if you'd like in your palette. However, if you choose to get a square palette, you're limited to shadows. There are other palettes that allow you to combine, blushes, a powder, shadows, and lipsticks. 

Another convenient feature is that some of these palettes are magnetic! I hear different pros and cons about them all the time. Some people believe they're too bulky, others believe they are perfect and will maintain order in their kits! I believe they're great. If you have more than one you can stack them and you'll know they won't move around if your palettes are in a drawer or on a table that's wobbly. That's just my perspective though.

I like to get the square ones because I love eyeshadows! I have so much makeup it's kind of ridiculous and when you're a junkie like I am, you don't stop buying. So yes I work there and yes sometimes I get promotional stuff but A LOT of the time I BUY. I've noticed that my makeup collection (I should say my eyeshadow collection) is somewhat lacking in the "neutral" department. I have all kinds of purples and blues and pinks and greens...not a lot of brown though! So I decided to get this palette:

It's a very basic palette but I LOVE it A LOT! I have a shimmery white, a nice champagne highlight, a semi-matte green with sparkles, some shimmery browns, a matte brown, a matte grey and black, and last but not least a very warm, rich, shimmery gold. I didn't swatch them but I will swatch them out later for you guys to see ^_^. This can definitely create many day to night looks! 

Of course, I couldn't only just get one palette! Here's a more colorful palette! 

This one has 4 matte colors: The matte cream color (which reminds me of Urban Decay's ABC Gum), a matte peach, a matte periwinkle, that's more towards the purple side, and a matte grey with purple tones in it. Then for fun, I added the color I like to call Lucky Charm green! It's shimmery AND has little specks of glitter! Again, no swatches! I'll definitely post them later! 

Stay tuned for more stuff! ^_^


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