I know you wondering why you see this picture of pharrell lol but I spent my entire day in bed on Christmas sick! I ate food and got sick the night prior to that. Well pharrell was awesome eye candy as Iaid in bed

This is me Christmas day after my partial recovery. :)

I scored awesome gifts from my mom friends and my boyfriend

For both my boyfriend & my mom I did a gift basket full of there favorites here's included pajamas tons of leggings her favorite perfumes body lotions skincare a picture frame with her loved etc.

My boyfriends included a TISA tee shirt boxers books cool grey 11's and the list goes on.

This was a Marc Jacob phone cause one of my closets friends got me :) this was definitely a good selection

The night before new Christmas eve I couldn't help myself to all the sea food and rum cake and got myself sick. But it all taste good :)

Yummy yummy red velvet!

This had to be the cutest Christmas night I dropped by my boyfriends moms house to eat dinner.

His youngest sister got this make-up kit as her one of her gifts. Lights and you can plug up your mp3 player/iPod to
It for music. I Love it xoxox

Of course she need the expert to help her open her gift lol :)

Here she is applying make-up!
Lol I'm pretty sure every one had a to try on make-up for me at that age lol :)

Merry Christmas!
Downtown Pepper

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