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March 21 - April 19
Their planet is Mars, planet of aggression. Ideal make-up: foundation on face, mascara on eyelashes and bright red lipstick on lips. This is the variant, when you show your energy, strength and desire. Makeup is relevant in office and at meetings. Another option -pastel shades on eyelids, light tone and natural lips. This make-up shows that you are confident, patient, and do not need rushing into attack to get something.

April 20 - May 20
Their planet -Venus, so these women are literally loose on beauty, they like spectacular and expensive things. Luxury and wealth play a very important role for them. Taurus does not like looking vulgar, avoids bright colors, tries to look natural. Smoky shadows of gray, pink, white, beige, silvery shades are best for them.

May 21 - June 20
This is one of the most sensitive signs of zodiac, sign of duality, so they are always very difficult to make a choice, choosing cosmetics. They always listen to what they are advised, and therefore are an easy prey for sellers. In general, Gemini likes cold shades. Of warm they prefer green. Gemini, strangely enough, do not like bright cosmetics. Prefer matte texture. Respect contrasts.

Product Suggestion By Pepper:
Mildew from urban decay its a perfect green but it is not over bearing
so you will not feel over whelmed

June 21 - July 22
Cancer really likes novelties. As soon as something new appears, they immediately get thisinformation, trying to decide whether it suits them. Use make-up with pleasure. Adore opal, shimmering colors that make their face looking like marine shell, and eyes -precious gems.

Product Suggestion By Pepper:

July 23 - August 22
When Leo comes to a beauty shop, it will not remain unnoticed to others. Female Leo buys everything new, expensive and fashionable. This sign likes brands. Leos are not indifferent to all brilliant, like golden color very much.

Product Suggestion From Pepper:
Goldmine From MAC, Or Honey Urban Decay

August 23 - September 22
Virgo -the most vulnerable and sensitive sign of zodiac. Women of this sign have an innate sense of proportion and taste, they are always accurate in selecting suitable things to them. Virgos are prudent, they will not buy expensive cosmetics, if it is possible to buy cheaper analogue. Colors of nature emphasize their beauty, so choose shades of turquoise, blue, gentle blue, emerald, tender green.

Product Suggestion Pepper
So there Jade From MAC

September 23 - October 22
Their planet is Venus, but it has different action on them, than on Taurus. This symbol chooses not luxury, but scandalous behavior. Avant-garde, extravagant, often defiantly looking women -Libra. They like combinations of colors, other signs will not dare to chose, for example, cyan and yellow. Despite everything, they do not look ridiculous, they really look good. They come into dispute with everything, and contrary to all accepted norms, but they always win. Cost and quality of cosmetics do not play any role for them. Everything will fit them.
Product Suggestion By Pepper:
Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette From Urban Decay

October 23 - November 21
This is a sign that looks better and better becoming older. Scorpions are always aware of what they want, they have discriminating taste and very attractive appearance. Saturated deep lipstick is good for them. Eye make-up should be clear and noticeable. Perfectly highlighted cheekbones are their accent.

Product Suggestion From Pepper:
Hang-UP MAC & sweet as coca

November 22 - December 21
This zodiac sign has no boundaries, likes all new and unknown. Usually they are very wealthy, they often make a purchase of those things that they absolutely do not want. Sparkling, softly glowing shades are good for them, all that is in golden-pink color gives them extra energy.

Product Suggestion
Sunny Bunny Bronzer or Leopard Bronzer both Two Faced Cosmetics

December 22 - January 19
This sign achieves everything, its distinguishing trait -perseverance. All new make-up is extremely interesting for Capricorn, but no more than that, this usually remains at the level of interest. They may spend hours studying proposed range and will buy nothing. They are very careful in choice of cosmetics, prefer unnoticeable make-up, of beige-brown shades.

Product Suggestion From Pepper
Naked Palette Urban Decay

January 20 - February 18
This sign is often rules by emotions, its daily life is full of plans, meetings, events succeed one another. In all this boiling, it is difficult to pay attention to innovations and fashion trends, but Aquarius does not need this. He always buys exactly what makes him fashionable and attractive. Usually Aquarius chooses a very high quality and fashionable beauty products made by well-known brands. But this is only one product, for example, a fantastically beautiful lip gloss or blusher with the latest silky structure.

Product suggestion from Pepper:
Tom Ford Lipstick, or a Chanel Nail Polish should tickle your Fancy

February 19 - March 20
Surprising, mystical symbol. If you met a stunningly beautiful woman, it is clearly Pisces. However, their energy is weak, its representatives quickly get tired, they may often lack the desire to do anything. Pisces prefer cold make-up shades. Smoky-blue, violaceous, ice-pink shades will bring them energy.

Production Suggestion:
Dior 2010-11 Holiday Palette its to Die For
Sapphires and Blues Galore

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