This is just a tiny sneak peak for you dolls & guys :)
I must say I am very thrilled about this.
I was very involved with my design pattern for these little goodies
This little keep sake is made in celebration of my
4 year anniversary of my blog and Website.
Which is approaching shortly.

This will be the first to know all the exact details as follows: ^_^

These Bracelets Will Launch online April 4th 2012
They will retail at 24.00 each
Set of 4 80.00

Keep Sake List:
Kill Vanity Bracelet: Pink Gold Mirror & Gun Charm
The Key to Success Bracelet Hers: Jade Green Heart & The Key to Success
The Key to success His: Black & Gold & They Key to Success
Untamed Bracelet: Leopard Bracelet Yellow Skull Black Flower

This is short sweet and cute.
i am excited to share more photos and my inspirations behind each one
however i cant spill all the beans sit tight dolls :)

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