This feature was needed on my blog!
I love to display Powerful people who inspire me.
Neef has to be one!
Her creative eye catching photography is what draws me to her.

Neef's passion for her craft is commendable & i had to share
a few minutes of her interest. ENJOY!!


I am a female photographer from Brooklyn, NY. I specialize in beauty and fashion work. I've been doing photography for 3 years now, it'll be 4 years June 2012. I'm 26 years young and I'm EXTREMELY passionate about my work and it shows.
I love anything involving fashion, makeup and bright colors!. I found out photography was something I loved, when I'd just ta
ke regular photos of friends while hanging out, I just liked knowing that they appreciated the photos I took of them, not to mention my brother is a photographer and he's the one that actually pushed me to purchase my first DSLR camera, and from there I just took off and I'm not looking back.
what inspires you?
Anything from colors, fashion, and music.

who is your muse? personal and celebrity
I really don't have a muse to be honest. I usually seek inspiration
from alot of different things.

You have a nice a style where do you shop most
Thank you :) I find myself in a variety of different shops for fashionable
attire that I love. A few to name are,, h&m,,
and alot of different boutiques I may come across whether I'm in NYC
or traveling. I love unique accessories as well.

How do you pick wardrobe for your shoots?
I usually arrange that depending on who the model is. It's always their look
that inspires me toward wardrobe. Everything doesn't suit everyone so I usually don't
pick wardrobe first, I do that once I figure out who I'm shooting then we figure out wardrobe ideas, then makeup and hair comes together afterwards.

Where is your place or city to shoot?
I like shooting in different areas for different reasons. I have favorite places and not-so-favorite places but of course I'll mention my ideal shooting places and why. I like shooting in NYC if I'm seeking a "city" backdrop such as buildings or a gritty appearance. I love shooting in South Florida for their beachy scenery and weather. and Los Angeles is ideal for all of the above, on top of that, I am into surreal scenery and L.A has that...from vacant locations, deserts, hill tops overlooking the city. That's what I love.
whats your favorite beauty era example 1920's, 1960's and why?
I'd have to say the late 50's. From the hair styles, from the makeup. I love it all.
Not to mention that's the era my mom was born so I researched pretty much everything
from those times, and the women were so lady-like and classy. The dresses, the jewelry,
the high waist beach bikini's, everything. I think I'll even do a 50's inspired fashion photoshoot soon.

If you could shoot one celebrity right now who would it be?
Rihanna. Love her style, and everything about her.

who are your biggest influences?
My parents. They inspire me to be better, and keep my spirits
lifted, and are the ones I know I can turn to for anything.
what is your favorite make-up line?
I really don't have one favorite, because I use different lines for different reasons.
but a few of my favorites are Smashbox, Stila,Too Faced, MAC, Inglot, YSL and Lo'real.
Your MAKE-UP BAG!!!!
What's in the makeup bag, consist of MAC, Too Faced, INGLOT, Lo'real High Intensity Pigments, Maybelline, and Benefit.
when do you feel most beautiful?
Every day!

what do you feel women lack in this day and age?
I notice the most beautiful women with low self esteem,
doubting themselves. I know as women alot of us don't realize
our own beauty.
what look do you think is timeless?
In makeup? I say a winged out cat-eye. that look is timeless and can't go wrong
with it, especially when it's done nice and neat.
what advice do you give other photographers
Do what YOU love. Don't let other people define what your style is. If you like
it, do it. There's nothing wrong with being yourself. It's cool to seek inspiration from others
but be your own person. That's what'll set you apart from everyone else.
If you didn't do photography what would your other interest be?
Wardrobe styling. I love fashion and I love styling my own photoshoots so I feel if I weren't
doing photography then I'd definitely be doing fashion styling.

Do you find your field competitive?
I think every field is competitive when you have competitive people in it. Not to mention, everyone with a camera is calling themselves a photographer now, so I really don't take everyone too serious these days. Do I look at people as competition? No, simply because I have my own style that sets me apart from alot of other photographers. I stay focused and I don't worry about what the next person is doing. I see photography as an art form, some other's see it as a way to get money. Nothing wrong with getting money for doing what you love, but if there's no passion behind it, it seems pointless to me.

How do you describe your style of photography?
Fun, colorful, abstract with a vintage touch to it. 'Fresh' describes it altogether.
if you had a super power what would it be?
lol umm, probably would be to be able to teleport from one location to the next. Like the dude in that movie "Jumper". I love to travel, and there's alot of places I want to see, such as Egypt, Spain, Australia, Paris, Italy and alot more...

If you can raid anyones closet who would it be?
I'd have to say Rihanna. She has the best style to me. She wears alot of things
that can be worn in every day life. Not just for red carpet or music videos. (Become a fan by clicking "Like")

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  1. OMG!!! I adore Neef!!! I follow her on twitter. Neef and David Blanks take the best of photos hands down...