Laying in bed 4 a.m tossing and turning. I stumbled across this documentary.
This documentary was on T.v. another great watch. I am a documentary junkie by the way. I just really love to see the perspective of others it's intriguing. As a child I wasn't allowed to watch much T.V, in my household. T.V consisted of me making home movies with my mommy and watching it.

I had an assortment of dolls. All complexions which I guess subconsciously made me open to all races in my up bringing. The things you see as a child does contribute to your views and opinions as an adult.
I spent a lot of my childhood as a passenger my mom would do little road trips to all the different states so my first nature as an adult is to explore.

I just wonder if I were one of the children on the other side of the table doing the doll test what the results would consist of.

I really believe that if they did a modern day test with adults using magazine clippings of a women the results wouldn't change much.

This is a discussion video. Although we ignore videos like this time to time, The Thoughts still exist in the back of your mind.

These videos go farther than complexion to me. The media conditions our mind to believe a lot of things.
What the ideal girl should look like, What the ideal size is, what our hair should look like.

This Discussion Spirals into so many things it's amazing. I can go on and on. But we will save that for my first BEAUTY BRUNCH! details will be posted soon.

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