Play up your girly side with the FEMININE PALETTE. This set features a soft yet sultry mix of shimmering neutrals and smokier shadows, including Skimp—a previously exclusive fave. To give the whole thing an edgy boudoir feel to match its come-hither shades, this palette comes in a sleek vinyl case decked out with black lace (slightly frayed, of course) and black fishnet. 
Feeling a bit more daring? Rev up your look with the DANGEROUS PALETTE’S deep jewel tones and seductive neutrals, including Deeper and Ace—both UD staff favorites from the 15-Year Palette. The subtle dagger on the outside of the case hints at the edgier shades within, while black X-rayed peonies provide the perfect backdrop to make the shadows really pop.
In a playful mood? Bring it out with the FUN PALETTE’S bright, bold hues, like Deep End and Freakshow, both back by popular demand. True to its name, this set comes in a bright, sparkly teal case decked out with a gold octopus. Inside, technicolor octopuses float in a celestial sea of neon planets. (We said it was fun, didn’t we?) -Source Urban
These palettes retail at 36.00 each and already available for sale on the urban decay website check them out! 

I love the idea of using the palette as a cellphone or storage for I.D and Lip gloss when your done :) the palette removes very easy when your done!

Zip's Close 

Fun Colors 

Dangerous has to be my favorite of the bunch :) 
Its dark and i love a mysterious dark look! 
Feminine Palette 
 I love love the artwork on this palette the fishnet won me over!!! 

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