Today I had an early start I had lunch with one of my good friends at one of my favorite restaurants in soho Called Miss Lily's...Any excuse to eat jerk chicken you know I'm game!

It was great to get out early and roam the street with the crowd who wasn't hungover from last night.

What I ate:
Jerk chicken Roti
I took a smoothie with pineapple apple strawberry and wheatgrass & a veggie patty to go

To go!

The rest of my afternoon I spent looking at street art and capturing pictures of things that caught my eye good way to stimulate my creative side.

Although I was pissed that I missed out on this amazing ASS! Vintage mirror someone was throwing out from there apartment in soho. My friend suggested I get it after we eat but by the time we came back it was the only item gone out of the many items the person threw out. Guess someone else saw what I saw you be surprised another person trash is really another persons treasure.

Below are some random pictures from my day.

Every girl deserves to glisten and shine" - Downtown Pepper

Location:Willoughby St,New York,United States

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