Finally purchased a UV lamp and some products to do my nails from home.

I am a do it yourself kind of girl. I kind of got sick of spending tons of cash in the salon for something I can do at home.

I do my hair at home eyebrows and now on to nails.

This was such a good buy. I got a gel set for 28.00 with 12 shades of your traditional colors a long with finger bulbs to soak the gel off for only 2 bucks

The lamp was 50.00 it works great has a built in timer and is very sturdy.

I purchased everything on eBay

I'm excited so ill be posting a few nail looks with gel for you guys enjoy ^_^

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  1. Pepper Happy New year. I havent commented in a while. i miss your blog post... This is so cool, I love this I'm a DIY girl myself. Do you have the link to the purchase if not what should I type in to get this stuff. I want to try it. Love the soak buds :)