Ladies Check it out! here are some great shades of polish to match your Zodiac Sign Enjoy! 
Im bronze for Leo. I very seldom wear this color but I just got the new Naked Nail set from urban decay so Im ready to give it a try! 


Enchanting azure, like the Mozambique coast, the moody blues become you. They say still waters run deep, and you prove this to be true. You are saturated with emotions this June, spilling over with feeling. Keep your heart open as a soulful connection comes, courtesy of the Cancer Sun, after June 19.


Bright lights, big city! Lucky Jupiter lights up your fame house for a year, beginning June 11, marking a stellar life expansion. Rise to the top of the charts with this cheery yellow polish fueling your sunny outlook and "can do" spirit. Your name belongs on that brilliant marquis.


Elusive, imaginative Pisces, you're most at home in life's grey areas. Given that there are more than 500 shades of this hue distinguishable to the human eye, that's a pretty broad spectrum to draw from. Don't let anyone paint you into a corner this June. Be loud and proud about your offbeat ideas and create something truly original.


All hail the queen! A majestic departure from your sign's signature red, this imperial shade of purple makes you feel like one of the Royals. This June, a local group provides the perfect place for you to reign supreme. Move over, Lady Kate.


This verdant hue is the signifier of lush abundance. Cha-ching! With lucky Jupiter cruising into your finance zone for a year beginning June 11, the cosmos green light your decision to paint your nails the cool color of cash money. Let the economic stimulus plan begin.


Fame! Lucky Jupiter blazes into Gemini for a year beginning June 11. No more hiding your light under a bushel, O' Fierce One. Fire up your initiatives with this flame-colored polish and burn as brightly as the summer sun.


Like the shimmering secret interior of a seashell, you're happily low-key about your luster. Sing your sweet siren's song with a splash of silver, but get ready. When the Sun bursts into Cancer for a month on June 20—the summer solstice—come out of hiding and let your light shine.


Welcome to the Bronze Age, Leo. Show your strength with the color that represents inventiveness and durability. These are the ingredients for your summer success story, especially if you share your tools with the rest of the team.


With red-hot Mars in Virgo until July 3, you're feeling like a fireball this month. This hot-blooded hue is the perfect complement to your go-getter vibe. Set your sights on a target and charge forth. Olé!


Less is more, Libra. With sophisticated Saturn wrapping up its three-year tour of your sign this October, you're a fresh believer in the seductive power of subtlety. Let your nude nails be a paean to all that is chic, refined, and elegantly understated.


Sugar or spice? Beneath your burning gaze beats a genuinely compassionate heart. Why keep the truth under wraps? Retract your stinger and reveal a softer side of your self as the Patron Saint of Pink. Don't worry Scorpio: people won't mistake your kindness for weakness.


Paint it black, Sagittarius. Evoke mystery with this ebony hue. This June, it's better to keep them guessing than to show your entire hand. A little bit of badass goes a long way in all your dealings, so don't be afraid to show more edge.

Source Elle Magazine 

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  1. I find this post very interested. I was however jealous of the Aquarius because i loveeee neon yellow nails but not really on myself. I felt the nude was prefect for the Libra's then I scrolled on to my sign by passing all the rest and rest assure. It was my favorite color. Black. I just changed my nails two days ago to black from a summer-y color because black is my go to. I think it's awesome that, it was my Zodiac polish. 5 stars for this post :)