I LOVE this moisturizer!!! I can't stop telling you guys! Recently, I was using the Boscia Oil-free Daily Hydration but after my DermaDoctor Sulfur Mask, it just wasn't cutting it. I felt like my skin was two sizes too small and to get more hydrated I added more moisturizer and it still wasn't enough for my skin. So, instead of waiting for my Boscia moisturizer to run out, I just bought the Bliss BoS and started using it. I swear... It was just what my skin needed!

It was like QUENCH! I also swear it helped my blemishes get smaller. I wasn't seeing any results and the day after I started to use this moisturizer my blemishes appeared smaller and less red. So I'm sticking to this.

An added bonus is that it illuminates the skin with phytonutrients. This also helps your skin appear fresh and dewy! Who doesn't want fresh and dewy skin? So for drier days use Best of Skintentions!



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