knew that title was going to come up eventually =p!

Ooookay! So most of us girls are always on the hunt for the PERFECT lipgloss and many times we're disappointed. Well, here's a suggestion to you my dears! Try Philosphy's Lip Shines! I PERSONALLY LOOOOOOOOVE the Ooey Gooey S'mores Lip shine (I think it's being sold on for $8.00)that came in last year's Warm by the Fire gift set. This year the Winter Escape gift set has the limited edition Melting Marshmallow lipgloss so go get it! What I love about these lipglosses is that they're yummy, they aren't sticky and you can wear them alone or over lipstick! They also soften and smooth the lips! Double duty lip gloss, who doesn't want that? Other lipgloss flavors that you are sureeee to love are: Cinnamon Buns, Coconut FrostingMelon Daquiri, Vanilla Birthday Cake, Mimosa, Raspberry Sorbet and Many MORE!

Happy Lips Darlings,
♥ Elba

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