This year has been the year of GREEN! No, I don't mean money, although money is nice. It's been the year of saving paper, saving trees, being more energy efficient, and reducing your carbon footprint. It has been a noble initiative but I can't help but view it as a trend. Everyone wants to be green not because they're interested in saving the Earth but because it's a giant trend. Sadly enough this is what's worked to get everyone on the same page.

The makeup world has also jumped in on this initiative. We have more natural brands, more natural ingredients, natural packaging, and even natural tools. I've noticed eco tools in Duane Reade. Handles made out of bamboo and all that cool stuff. The other day I got an email from Pep. An email about a higher end brand with eco tools. I had to sign up to Market for Drama to view the brushes and I did. You can all sign up too by clicking this link : Market for Drama. The brushes are from Alison Raffaele. For a limited time you can get a five piece Eco brush set for 50 bucks. The reason this is a STEAL is because one brush ALONE costs about 50 dollars. So sign up and get the brush set with a cute clutch!

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