I hate to break it to you, concealer isn't going to hide your blemishes. Believe me, I've had my fair share of makeup mishaps. You get a concealer to hide your blemishes and instead you end up with lighter spots on your face. Here's what to do in this case:

1) Use a color corrector.

Blemishes are usually red. You need to use a green color to cancel out the red. However, you do NOT wear this green alone, you have to cover it with something else!

2) Wear a foundation or tinted moisturizer:
If you wear your concealer alone you probably will end up highlighting your blemishes. Concealers are more pigmented and usually lighter than your skin tone, so you're going to end up looking like you have an uneven skin tone. You're also going to make them appear massive by concealing a spot alone. Using a foundation will help to create a more even surface and add more coverage to your blemish.

3) Use a concealer.

As I mentioned before, concealers are more pigmented, so use this on top of your foundation to cover the redness of your blemish. Let's be realistic, a concealer isn't going to make your blemish appear smaller, it's going to hide the redness.


Don't complain about your blemishes if you're not sticking to your skincare regimen. Treat your blemishes, moisturize your skin, cleanse your skin, and do this TWICE A DAY!!! I promise you won't be using makeup that often to hide your blemishes if you're taking care of your skin in the first place!


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