I am Super Excited Thanks in Advance For Everyone
who will be showing there face at my showcase
i apologize for the lack of blog
but this showcase has me running arround like
a chicken with my head Cut off but thank everyone
that supports me all of your
love is truly appreciated
-Downtown Pepper!

Welcome To My Life Make-Up Showcase by Pepper-CompInc on January 12, 2009 @ White Rabbit Lounge!

145 East Houston Street
New York, NY

* Live Makeup Application & Tutorial by Pepper-CompInc
* Live Modeling Directed by Eujenya
* Giveaways Provided by Sharkstores.Com
* Bag Presentation by Reveal Your TruIdentity
* Photos by JC Photography & Sean K Photo Images

* Makeup giveaways
* Beauty Basket Raffle
* Pastries by Cakes N' Stuff
* Booking!

Sponsered by Shark Stores & Pacxio Records.
Purchasing avaliable.

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