My all time favorite icon is Audrey Hepburn. She's a classic! What I love about Audrey is that she wasn't an obvious beauty (though many of us argue this). She had striking bold features and she didn't think any less of herself for not being like the it girls back then, i.e. Marilyn Monroe. In fact, she capitalized on the fact that she was different. Today, we all know her as the most fashionable icon of her time.

Now that you know about my little Audrey Hepburn obsession, let me tell you about some Nars lipsticks that I love SOLELY for their relationship to Audrey! ^_^

I was at work, slightly bored, and happened to pass by the Nars lipsticks and started looking at the names. I love Nars because the way their products are named. One of my top favorites are the Orgasm and Deep Throat Blushes! Well if you're a true Audrey fan you would've looked at the names and saw lipsticks named after movies she's starred in. Funny Face, Roman Holiday, and Sabrina. Two are pink! Funny Face is a burnt hot pink and Roman Holiday is a pastel pink. Sabrina is a lip balm with a slight pink shimmer. Just wanted to share this with you guys! ^_^

Funny Face
Roman Holiday

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