Pink lipstick, mint green candy apple Essie, bobs, studded bracelets, oversized sweatershirts, chunky bangles,California, Brooklyn dark eye shadow, twizzlers pull n pell only cherry, over knee, Twitter, dm's :) bboots, high socks, glasses, soho curls, big rings, shower fresh from clean, Lola ring marc Jacob, I love Marc Jacobs, neon tshirts, soy candles, Toca detergent, very sexy hair shampoo very sexy hair serum, hookah,pattern spandex, tattooage, patron & black flowers, dancing on couches, Mohawks, studded braclets, american apparel mesh one pieces, bodysuits, purple liptick red velet cupcakes, empanadas, anything beyonce , t.o.n.y- soloange, drake, I am huge hov fan, oversized clothing,oxfords, prince, purses, neon polish, rollers, all my friends, turntables, cheetah I might have repeated it this a few times but that's how much I love it, Betsey & pat fields, made me hellz bellz, I wanna work for diddy,pedis & Manis, calgel nails, i hate copy cats, Justin <3, Trey songz :), I love Amy whinehouse crack and all. Ice coffee, California rolls, my Lil Sister alaya, nylon mag

Downtown Pepper

Elba ♥
Writing, notebooks that are lined, wine, jägerbombs, the history channel, black eyeliner, pink lipstick, the color pink, purple, blue, simplicity, words, grammar, jeans, sleeping, learning new things, curling my hair, heineken, Stella Artois, wisin y yandel, incubus, art, van gogh, architecture, parks, nail polish, converse, heels, hoodies, playing games on my xbox, paintshop, drawing, writing poetry becAuse I can never finish a story, guitars, my laptop, my iPhone, leopard print (this is your fault lol), serendipity 3, max brenner, restaurants, japas 36, Luxor, mercury, apple cinnamon candles, white gold, silver, polka dots, blonde hair, lace, Britney spears, lady gaga, the smiths, morrissey, pajama pants, the Christmas season, the nutcracker, nutcrackers (lol), choirs, singing, performing, tulips, calla lillies, roses, exotic flowers I don't know their names, David tutera, lighting, beaches but not getting sunburned, pools, water, my groupie stage, reading, a wrinkle in time, a ring of endless light, the moon by night, vampire academy novels, the twilight saga, Lolita, the catcher in the rye, symbolism, reading between the lines, Jane eyre, wuthering heights, blockheads, mercury, Macbeth, hamlet, long island iced teas, traveling upstate on the metro north, getting on the train to new jersey, sleeping without pillows, when the leaves start turning orange, snow, hotel rooms, driving, being driven, shopping online, long hot showers, bar soaps, bars, and I can't think of anything else lol

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  1. you girls are cool! found you from saphia love the blog!