Short delay but.. Here It Is!! Your CompInc Beauty Scope once again!!

Here are some great tips for each beauty sign on how to achieve these awesome eye looks!! Hope you enjoy them! :)

ARIES- Beautiful very simple soft look. Use a orangey or bronze eyeshadow and mascara and your good to go! Try Urban Decay Half Baked and Eldorado eyeshadow

TAURUS- Use a shimmery/metallic eyeshadow to achieve this look. And to apply the jewels use a good adhesive for a great night on the town or special occasion!

GEMINI- For this look try using a vibrant but soft pink eyeshadow, with black eyeshadow on the crease and white eyeliner on the lower lid to make this look pop!

CANCER- For this look try using a bronze/metallic cream base for the lid and a nice fuschia eyeshadow to compliment this look. Also try using Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in Zero!

LEO- Very simple smokey eye for an everyday look. Try using neutral tones of gold eyeshadow, and a black one for the crease. Lots of smudging and blending for this look!

VIRGO- Very beautiful and clean simple look for anytime. I Love It! Try Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in Yeyo! 

LIBRA- Love this combination of colors, brings out the Libra creative side. Try playing with different colors together to achieve this look. Make it your own!

SCORPIO- This a awesome day and night look for the spring. Try using a cream vibrant blue eyeshadow for the lid and a dark purple/blueish color for the crease. And don't forget those Lashes!

SAGITTARIUS- This is a very pretty and girly look for the spring/summer! Try using a dark purple shade on the lids and a fuschia or pink on the whole eye. Try out Urban Decay "Bang Bang" Eyeshadow

CAPRICORN- I love this combination of green put together! To achieve this look try using a nice bright green on the lids with a darker green on the whole eye and black eyeshadow on the crease. Lots of blending! Try Urban Decay Eyeshadows "Vert"and "Mildew"

AQUARIUS- Very nice and refreshing aqua look. Use a very bright matte yellow and vibrant blue eyeshadows. MAC has perfect shades for this look! Try MAC Chrome Yellow and Fresh Water

PISCES- Gotta make those eyes POP! Try using a shimmery/metallic eyeshadow all over lid, with a hint of any color on the lower lid. Don't forget those Lashes and lots of Mascara!

**Always remember to be creative, and make it your own! Have fun with your makeup!!  ♥♥

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