I can recall my first experience with make up as a little girl always in
the mirror playing with my mother's make up. Those were the days when
the lipstick would actually be all over my face instead of on my lips
lol. I have always been interested in make up and I like the wonderful
feeling I get when I'm wearing it. Now I wouldn't call myself a pro when
it comes to putting on make up, but I know the basics to glam myself up
for a regular day or even a night on the town. Since I am a female, you

would think that this something that I probably would have perfected, or
something that my mother would have taught me. Well even if she did,
out with the old and in with the new. I had an amazing shopping
experience with my good friend Pep (make up artist) at the MAC store in
soho. In a step by step process, she showed me exactly what I would need
to keep myself looking fabulous and fresh. She took the time out to get
to know what kinds of make up I like and how I like to wear it. She was
very informative in regards to any questions I had concerning make up
or skin care. She
wrote down basic steps for me to follow on how to properly apply make
up. We went through each individual item that I would need and she
tested everything on me to make sure it was the perfect fit. We picked
out eye shadow,
foundation, blush, eyeliner, lipstick, etc. She made me feel very
comfortably because she didn't try to push me into trying certain colors
that may be a little more advanced than my past experiences. Some words
of wisdom from Pep "I should take baby steps with my make up and
eventually I can step
outside my shell and have fun with it". Pepper definitely has a good
eye for make up; she imagines your face as a clean palate just ready to
be painted. In my eyes shes a make up guru; its her passion and shes
rolling with it.

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