My favorite a mixture of waves and curls
Big loose hair will always be a trend in my book
no matter the season
no matter the weather big loose curls or waves never fail you.
Big Deep Waves
Tight natural body curls
Loose wavy curls

My favorite Tools that i own personally to style hair with
-Bombshell Sultra
Sultra Flat iron which i absolutely adore
Conair heated curlers
Blow dryer

some of my tips & tricks..

  1. i never use alot of product when creating curls because it weighs the hair down
  2. i never scrunch hair to create waves
  3. i rake and shake to create waves
  4. curly hair girls a defuser is your best friend in the WORLD!
  5. i never leave pin curls for to long the pins make your hair flat sometimes

Downtown Pepper

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